GovMarks Awards Ceremony and Executive Program

The 2013 GovMarks Awards Ceremony and Executive Program took place on July 18 at 2941 Restaurant in Falls Church, Va.

View the photo gallery here and listen to the session podcasts here.

Whiz Bang Ideas

Tom Soderstrom, NASA JPL CTO, and Steve O'Keeffe, GovMark Council founder, discussed new and innovative government technology and ideas – including 3D printing, big data, augmented reality, consumer-driven IT, and mobility.

Tom Soderstrom wowed GovMark Council members and peers as he discussed AR, 3D printing, big data, and more.

In addition, the winners of the 2013 GovMarks Awards were announced – click here to view the top-ranked marketing campaigns of the past year.

View the opening presentation below:

View Tom Soderstrom's Whiz Bang Ideas below:


Tom Soderstrom
IT Chief Technology Officer
NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory

Steve O'Keeffe
GovMark Council