Digital Marketing and GovMarks Awards Ceremony

If print is silent movies and events are black and white, what's the next box office blow out?

Digital, baby – more handsome than Pitt, more sophisticated than Clooney, and more cuddly than Dudley. Our dashing screen heros delivered qualified awareness, stimulated dialogue, and bagged high-value leads. All that with a metrics trail that would make Hugh Jackman and Les Mis happy.

And, this program was a double feature. Digital marketing and the 9th annual GovMark Sam Award presentation – the program that recognizes the best government IT marketing.

Throughout the program, attendees discussed digital marketing best practices, challenges, and future trends, as well as enjoyed networking with their industry peers. Anmy Torres, former Chief, Cyber Plans and Sustainment for the National Guard Bureau, Air National Guard, and Anil Karmel, Founder and CEO of C2 Labs, presented this year's GovMark Sam Awards.