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Who We Are:

The GovMark CouncilSM is a not-for-profit forum that facilitates education and networking for senior-level marketing executives who serve the government information technology market. The GovMark Council provides members with semi-annual educational programs, proprietary research reports, and opportunities to interact with other senior-level government IT marketing professionals. Events are limited to 50 members and their guests.

Our Mission:

"To empower senior-level marketing executives who serve the government IT market, facilitate advanced education, and provide a cohesive, representative voice to focus interaction with associated communities of interest."

Associated objectives include:

  1. Provide qualified education experiences
  2. Facilitate cross-pollination of ideas/best practices
  3. Assemble and create reference resources
  4. Enable peer networking
  5. Recognize accomplishment within the field
  6. Empower the community to speak with one common voice on relevant issues
  7. Develop a want-to-attend, unique, engaging, non-traditional value proposition and collaborative environment